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Cornering the Smith Market

The Ravens have four productive starters by the name of "Smith". They might do well to acquire some more.

Patrick Smith

The Ravens signed Steve Smith and re-signed Daryl Smith last month to build upon their existing stud tandem of Torrey and Jimmy Smith.

With these signings, the Ravens ensured that the roster will have at least four Smiths going into next year.

Baltimore is poised to make a run on the Smith market, especially with such talented but troubled types like Aldon Smith hovering close to cut and suspension territory.

So I ask the community:  of the Smiths out there, whom would you take?  Keep in mind that whomever you choose would come in with his current salary and contract and compete at the position he plays for a 53-man roster spot.  He can be a starter or backup, doesn’t matter, just would have to be on the roster in some capacity to do whatever you think he would do.

Here's a list of notable, current NFL players by the name of Smith and their data with links to their precise contract numbers (courtesy of Spotrac):

Aldon Smith, OLB, San Francisco 49ers – 4 years, $14.383M (1 year remaining)

Alex Smith, QB, Kansas City Chiefs – 3 years, $25.25M (2 years remaining)

Antonio Smith, DE, Oakland Raiders – 2 years, $9M (2 years remaining)

Harrison Smith, FS, Minnesota Vikings – 4 years, $7.138M (2 years remaining)

Justin Smith, DT, San Francisco 49ers – 3 years, $16.7M (2 years remaining)

Malcolm Smith, OLB, Seattle Seahawks – 4 years, $2.085M (1 year remaining)

Sean Smith, CB, Kansas City Chiefs – 3 years, $16.5M (2 years remaining)

Tyron Smith, OT, Dallas Cowboys – 4 years, $12.5M (2 years remaining)

Geno Smith, QB, New York Jets – 4 years, $5.02M (3 years remaining)

(And for the record, my choice is Sean Smith)

Let's hear your reasoning in the comments below.