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Nick Saban a bit surprised at Rolando McClain's second retirement

Said he wishes McClain the best.

Ezra Shaw

For various reasons, the Baltimore fan base didn't seem too surprised that Rolando McClain retired for a second time earlier this week.

After all, he retired a year ago, and it was only recently where he hinted strongly that he'd try to make a return. After a poor workout, McClain decided to quit for good. Given recent history, and the fact McClain had plenty of issues previously in his professional career, it was no surprise that he called it a career.

Well, one person was apparently caught off guard by the news. Alabama coach Nick Saban, who McClain played for from 2007-2009, told Alabama reporters that he felt McClain was ready to get his football career back on track.

"He was in a great state of mind and seemed like he was excited about going to play," Saban said, via

Saban was in contact with McClain, who has been back at the University of Alabama to work on finishing his degree. Saban said that no matter what McClain decides, he'll always be in his corner.

"We just want the guy to be successful and want him to be happy," Saban said. "And anything we can do to help him, I think he knows we're there for him."