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Social Media Mailbag: You asked, we answered!

You asked, we answered.


We're back with our weekly Social Media Mailbag. Ravens fans took to Twitter to ask their pressing questions and this is what we had to say...

Answer: Absolutely. I don't think that Rolando McClain was ever really being considered as an option at middle linebacker in the first place. The Ravens retained the rights to McClain following his retirement, but they weren't planning on doing anything more than "kicking the tires" when they originally signed him in the first place.

Daryl Smith will certainly be starting, but whomever he lines up next to will be determined during training camp. Arthur Brown was drafted to be a starting middle linebacker but disappointed last season. Frankly, I think he was too small and I was shocked he didn't play more than on nickel packages.

Josh Bynes is a great success story for the Ravens, and at at this point, I would figure him to be the other starting middle linebacker next to Smith.

As for McClain, hopefully he can get his life back on track. But if he plays again in the NFL, I highly doubt it'll be for the Ravens.

Answer: The roster limitations change during the offseason, where teams will grow to 90-players after undrafted free agents are signed. To get to the standard 53-man rosters we're all accustomed to, the NFL sets deadlines in August to cut down to 75 players and ultimately 53 before Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season.

What is constantly monitored is the salary cap, in which the Rule of 51 applies. If you're not aware, the Rule of 51 means that only the top 51 highest-compensated players will count against the salary cap during the offseason.

Note: This question was submitted earlier in the morning, prior to Chris Johnson signing a two-year, $8 million deal with the New York Jets.

Answer: I didn't hear any rumblings in regards to Chris Johnson ever being linked to the Ravens. In terms of the salary cap, the Ravens have already committed a lot of money to their backfield with Ray Rice and I don't see them spending another significant amount to bring someone like Johnson in.

Even with a suspension expected for Rice, I would doubt it would last more than 2-3 games given this being his first offense. Johnson signing would be more than a Band-Aid, and I believe he'd be looking for more of a long-term fit. Truthfully, I think Johnson doesn't have much left in the tank after hitting his infamous 2,000 yard mark a few years ago.

Rice is coming off a down season, but at least he has a scapegoat in the offensive line to help absorb some of the blame. I'd expect big things for Rice whenever he is allowed to play.

Kris Jones has covered the Ravens from the Under Armour Performance Center for the past two seasons. As a die-hard fan himself, Kris enjoys interacting with those whom share the same passion he does for the Baltimore Ravens.