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Ravens looking for a "starting" running back

After adding running back Justin Forsett, the Ravens are reportedly still looking to add a "starting" running back to the roster.

Andy Lyons

Last week, the Ravens signed veteran running back Justin Forsett to the team with some people assuming that would be the only additional running back added to the roster containing Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. However, Albert Breer of the NFL Network is reporting that the Ravens are still looking to add another running back to the mix and that they want a "starting" runner.

After a down year for the entire offense, it does make sense that the Ravens would want some fresh blood. While you could attribute the 30th ranked running attack to injuries along the offensive line and to both Rice and Pierce, it could easily be argued that Rice is entering a steep decline in ability and performance.

Rice is only 27, but is much smaller than your average running back and has endured a few nagging injuries over the last 2 years while being the focus of the offense since 2009. Even still, the position naturally is a player killer with the average career of an NFL running back being significantly shorter than that of other positions. Add to that Rice's legal troubles this offseason with assault charges stemming from an altercation with his now-wife at a casino in Atlantic City and you have the recipe for a team looking to add some distance from itself and it's starter. Rice is set to be a cap hit of $8.75million this year and $7.75million each over the next two seasons with more dead money than cap savings until 2016.

With the draft coming up May 8th, it would not be a stretch to see the Ravens select a running back that fits the zone running scheme as high as the 3rd round. With options like Towson's own Terrance West being available around that point, the Ravens would be wise to add a player that could sit and watch for a year before being thrust into the starting lineup.