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Schedule-makers once again do Ravens fan base a favor

For the 4th-straight season, Week 3 of the preseason will be played in Baltimore.

Mike Ehrmann

The full NFL schedule won't be released until the end of April, but football fans got a taste of the 2014 season when they released their preseason matchups earlier this week.

To see the Ravens preseason schedule, click here.

Let's face it, most fans don't like the preseason primarily because they're charged the same price for a ticket as a matchup versus between the Ravens and Steelers. During the preseason, the uniforms look the same as they do during the regular season, but typically the people wearing them are bagging groceries come September.

Fortunately for Ravens season ticket holders, the schedule-makers have once again made watching "practice" more tolerable as Week 3 will be played at M&T Bank Stadium. Generally, Week 3 games are the best version of a regular-season dress rehearsal as starters will often play at least three quarters.

This will mark the fourth-consecutive season the Ravens will play Week 3 at home, having not traveled on Week 3 of the preseason since 2009 when they played the Panthers in Charlotte, NC.

The Ravens will play host to their underachieving and potentially offending cross-town rival Washington Redskins with the date and kickoff still yet to be determined.

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