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POLL: Which position do you want the Ravens to address in the first round?

With so many areas of need, which position should the Ravens address first?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 NFL Draft is less than a month away and with so many areas of need to address, there’s still no indication as to position the Ravens will draft in the first-round.

We’d like to know what the pulse is of the fan base and which positions you’d like to see Ozzie Newsome & Co. address in the first round? Of course, the Ravens won’t deviate from their "best player available" philosophy, but did some of the recent contract extensions or additions through free-agency do enough to satisfy their needs in the position to make them look elsewhere?

Was Steve Smith's addition good enough for the wide receiving corps? Is Rick Wagner the answer at right tackle? Is there room for Eric Ebrom at tight end with Owen Daniels and Dennis Pitta on the roster?

You tell us what you think. In the first round, the Ravens will select:

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