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Ravens meet with Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Top safety in this year's draft.

The Ravens welcomed a visit from Ha Ha Clinton-Dix recently.
The Ravens welcomed a visit from Ha Ha Clinton-Dix recently.
Kevin C. Cox

Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is regarded as the top safety in this year's drat class.

He has plenty of speed, range, can play the run and possesses excellent defensive instincts. In recent weeks, Clinton-Dix has been trending up the mock draft charts, going as high as the top 10. That doesn't bode well for the Ravens, holders of the 17th overall pick, considering their need for a game-changing safety.

Even so, the Ravens can always hope. Doing their part, the Ravens met with Clinton-Dix recently, according to a report from The Baltimore Sun.

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Clinton-Dix would be an ideal fit for the Ravens. Perhaps the Ravens have a plan to trade up if need be? (Though, the Ravens would seemingly prefer to accrue picks and trade back the other way.)

But there's no denying how big it would be for the Ravens to land a player of this caliber. Last year, it was evident the Ravens missed having a well-versed free safety on defense.

If available, Clinton-Dix would be a no-brainer at 17. But with a month until the draft, it's looking like the Ravens won't get the change to get him that late.