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Ravens morning links: Terrence Cody in the defensive scheme, preseason schedule

Read what others are saying about the Ravens this morning.

Kevin C. Cox

Last week, Terrence Cody was signed to a one-year deal, essentially giving him this year as a chance to prove he should be brought back for the long term.

As a former second-round pick in 2010, Cody hasn't lived up to expectations in the NFL. However, there are still some aspects of his game that he does well, such as defending the run in between the tackles.

Baltimore Sports and Life's Dan Bryden has an excellent breakdown of Cody, showing what he can and cannot do when on the field in the Ravens' defensive scheme.


Though it doesn't count, a lot of early attention has been placed on the Ravens and the 49ers meeting in the first preseason game in 2014.

That means John and Jim Harbaugh will coach against each other once again, though this time, the outcome means nothing outside of analyzing what each team has at that stage of the preseason.'s Clifton Brown also notes that this is the first time the Ravens will have ever played the 49ers and the Cowboys in the preseason.

*'s Ryan Mink notes five takeaways from the preseason schedule's announcement, including the monotony of the usual preseason opponents being broken up.