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Branden Albert linked to Dolphins, could affect Eugene Monroe and Ravens

If the Dolphins sign Branden Albert quickly on Tuesday, that would likely affect where Eugene Monroe ends up.

It will be interested to see what kind of contract Branden Albert signs.
It will be interested to see what kind of contract Branden Albert signs.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Not too long ago, a report surfaced stating that the Miami Dolphins were interested in acquiring left tackle Eugene Monroe if he hit the free agent market.

It seems as he might be Plan B now.

It appears the Dolphins' top prospect to sign on Tuesday is left tackle Branden Albert, not Monroe. And if a deal gets done, as it's being reported at this time, then that could open things back up for the Ravens.

The Cardinals, Panthers and Buccaneers are all teams that could use a left tackle, with the Raiders being another depending on what happens with Jared Veldheer.

Miami was expected to be a strong contender for Monroe. It's unclear about the others at this time. If Miami winds up with Albert, considering what the contract is, it could affect Monroe's value. If it forces Monroe and his representation to drop their asking price, perhaps the Ravens get back in the conversation.

By no means, does this imply the Ravens are in the mix.

It just means there's still a chance.

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