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Ravens kicker Justin Tucker says the NFL is trying to phase kickers out of the game

Tucker told's Ryan Mink that the proposal to move extra points back to the 25-yard line is a bad idea.

Justin Tucker is not a fan of moving extra points back to the 25-yard line.
Justin Tucker is not a fan of moving extra points back to the 25-yard line.

Justin Tucker seems tired of what he perceives as the NFL's recent attack on kickers.

Recently, a report surfaced this week indicating the league could consider moving the extra point play back to the 25-yard line, meaning kicks would have to be made from 42 yards away. This, after Roger Goodell recently hinted at the possibility of getting rid of the extra point altogether before the Super Bowl.

Speaking to's Ryan Mink, Tucker expressed his disappointment in the latest development.

"People are trying to phase kickers out of the game. That’s as blunt as I can be about it," Tucker told the team's website. "I don’t think it’s necessary to change the game every couple of years to make it more exciting. It’s plenty exciting. If you want it to be more exciting, TV timeouts could be a little shorter and we could actually play some football."

Tucker added that the idea of eliminating the extra point is "stupid" in his interview.

This follows the NFL moving kickoffs up to the 35 where touchbacks are essentially guaranteed each time. In addition, the recent overtime change doesn't allow teams that get the ball first to win on their first possession with a kicker.

The touchback rule is rather dumb but I can understand where the league is coming from on the overtime rule. But on moving extra points back? Why mess with this part of the game for the sheer sake of it?

Good for Tucker to speak his mind on what he sees as meddling for little to no purpose. Leave that aspect of the game alone and move on from there.

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