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Monday Ravens links

Read what the rest of the web is saying about the Baltimore Ravens.

Patrick Smith

Ravens have strong track record in keeping their free agents

When the Ravens want to keep a soon-to-be free agent, they're usually able to do so, writes the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec.

Ravens free agent options too good to be true

The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel lists five free agent options that are likely too good to be true for the Ravens to acquire this offseason.

Could more Texans flock to Ravens?

Russell Street Report's Mike Fast writes that it's possible that more players with Houston ties wind up with the Ravens this offseason.

Ravens continue to build this offseason

Purple Reign Show's Slater Jackson writes about the Ravens' offseason progress and what they're trying to build before the 2014 season gets underway.

Franchise tag options

The deadline is today, and's Clifton Brown looks at which players could get franchised.

Wondering if Dennis Pitta is over-payed? Don't think so's John Eisenberg writes that Dennis Pitta was fairly compensated in his new deal that will average him about $6.5 million per year.