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NFL to extend goalposts

After getting players to stop breaking them, the competition committee met and decided to extend all goalposts from 30 feet high to 35 feet high.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If you've ever listened to Adam Carolla's podcast, you will have heard him rant about extending the goalposts another 5 feet in the air. This idea is a long time coming because it gives the referees a little more space to tell if a kick is good or not.

Ravens fans might remember a time in which the Ravens benefited over the shorter goalposts against the Patriots in overtime of their week 3 contest of the 2012 season. Not surprisingly, the Patriots were the ones to champion this rule change. Without a doubt, if the goalposts were extended before that point, the ball would have bounced off and the Ravens might not have been Super Bowl champions that year.

While the NFL Competition Committee can suggest rule changes themselves, this change having been suggested by a team means that the committee has to remain unbiased until it goes to vote during the NFL owners meetings.

Now you would figure that instead of extending the goalposts up just another few feet with whatever material they are using, they would use the bountiful piles of money they have to install a laser system. A laser that would show if a ball breaks the plane of the goalposts that could go much higher and be more foolproof. No more need for guessing or replays and no need to extend the posts ever again.