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Terrell Suggs has a locker room real estate problem

Is Suggs' locker/movie theater in jeopardy?

Steve Smith will be Terrell Suggs' neighbor in the locker room.
Steve Smith will be Terrell Suggs' neighbor in the locker room.
Torrey Smith's instagram account

In 2010, Arthur Jones walked into the Ravens locker room as a 22-year-old fresh face, simply happy to be in the NFL.

Regardless if you're selected in the first round or signed as an undrafted free agent, you're still a rookie. Even if you tip the scales weighting 350 pounds, you'll never shed the weight of the "rookie" label throughout your first NFL season.

Maybe Jones was eager to learn more about the NFL through a veteran like Terrell Suggs, but it came with a price. Jones' locker became Suggs' personal storage space.

Simply put, Jones finally got the dream house he had worked so hard for, but moved in next to the neighbor who can't keep his music down.

In case you haven't seen, Suggs has one of the most elaborate lockers in the history of locker rooms.

See for yourself here: LINK

Jones eventually outplayed his contract and signed with the Colts after he alluded to the Ravens not even making him an offer to return. He loved Baltimore, so Jones' departure from Charm City was bittersweet nonetheless. But in Indianapolis, not only will his paychecks be larger (five years, $33 million) but unless Suggs ends up with the Colts, his locker will be larger as well.

It didn't hit me that Suggs would have a new locker-mate this season until I saw this post from Torrey Smith. Suggs now has a new neighbor, and he's likely one who won't take any crap from the other homeowners. Enter newest Ravens wide receiver, Steve Smith.

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(From Torrey Smith's instagram account)

As a 13-year NFL veteran, I wouldn't expect Smith to be nearly as much of a pushover as Jones was during his rookie season. Jones also never charged Suggs rent for use of his personal space, and it's not like Smith needs the money.

He was released by the Panthers for being too expensive, and wound up making even more money in 2014 after his deal with the Ravens.

Now, in the middle of his offseason preparations, Suggs needs to also figure out a new strategy for his storage dilemma. I see Suggs as being crafty enough to come up with a solution by the time OTA's and mini-camp begins. Somehow, I just don't see the days of expletive-laden scenes from Scarface purposefully being blasted over interviews by the media ending.

Oh the things we write when offseason NFL news cycle is slow.