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Steve Smith visits young fan from viral clip on Good Morning America

Steve Smith surprises a young fan that was crying in a clip posted to the web after learning his favorite player was released from Carolina.

Steve Smith visited one of his biggest fans on the set of Good Morning America.
Steve Smith visited one of his biggest fans on the set of Good Morning America.

Remember the child that was extremely upset that Steve Smith was released from the Panthers?

If you don't, here he is:

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Now that you've had a refresher course, here's the latest. The clip went viral, with Steve Smith tweeting that he would like the opportunity to meet the young boy.

With the clip gaining so much attention online, ABC's Good Morning America invited the young boy, Gavin, his sister, Sophia, and their father to appear on their show.

And to their surprise, Smith was there to meet them:

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With Gavin no longer cheering for the Panthers, it looks like the Ravens picked up a new fan. And he got a new purple Steve Smith No. 89 jersey to cheer on his favorite player, too.