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Louisville safety Calvin Pryor's scouting report

Here's a look at a potential first-round draft pick for the Ravens.

Calvin Pryor is a potential first-round pick for the Ravens.
Calvin Pryor is a potential first-round pick for the Ravens.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

One unique aspect about this year's draft is that the Ravens could go in multiple directions.

At the 17th pick, there should be plenty of quality players available at receiver, tight end, inside linebacker, defensive line and free safety. The Ravens could use either of those positions, despite the notion from others out there that assume they'll target a receiver only.

Targeting a free safety would make plenty of sense. The Ravens could also target a cheap veteran in free agency and let a rookie learn under him for a year or two. Then the tandem of said rookie and Matt Elam can develop over time.

The top two free safeties in this year's draft are potential first-rounders in Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and Calvin Pryor. Here's Pryor's scouting report from SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein:

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