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Friday Ravens links

Read what the rest of the web is saying about the Baltimore Ravens.

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Could Steve Smith address the need for a slot receiver

The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel writes about how Steve Smith would fit into Baltimore's offense as a slot receiver, a position the Ravens want to address this offseason.

Epiphany leads Jacoby Jones to return to Baltimore

When Jones was in New York, he experienced a moment before a dinner with the Giants where he knew it was best to come back to Baltimore and sign with the Ravens.

Steve Smith could be Derrick Mason 2.0

Russell Street Report's Kyle Casey writes that Smith could have a similar impact that Mason did for Joe Flacco.

Three potential free agent bargains

Purple Reign Show's Gordon McGuinness lists three free agents that would make for bargains if the Ravens decided to go that route.

Jacoby Jones and 'biological father' reunite

Jones joked that Gary Kubiak might be his "biological father" based on how much alike the two are, writes's Gary Kubiak.