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Bovada gives Ravens 40/1 odds for Super Bowl in 2015

One day after Super Bowl XLVIII wrapped up, Bovada released odds for teams to win Super Bowl XLIX.

Patrick Smith

If you're a gambler that believes the Ravens will reverse their misfortune and return to the Super Bowl next year, now may be the time to put some money down on them.

The online sports book Bovada released its odds for Super Bowl XLIX.

To no surprise, Seattle is the early favorite with 9/2 odds after destroying Denver 43-8 Sunday night. In addition, the Seahawks are very young and should be able to return a lot of their talent.

The San Francisco 49ers are right behind the Seahawks at 15/2 odds.

The Ravens, though, are getting 40/1 odds, along with the Texans, Rams and Redskins. Clearly the Bovada folks don't think much of the Ravens at this point.

Of course, there's still a long offseason ahead. And in a salary-cap driven NFL, it's tough for the same teams to repeat as champions year after year. So while Seattle has the makings of a dynasty-type team, you can't expect anything like that until it happens.

The Ravens had a down year and very well could make some moves to get them back in the mix next year. As the offseason moves along, you may not see anything that resembles 40/1 odds again.

Every team's odds

Seattle Seahawks 9/2

San Francisco 49ers 15/2

Denver Broncos 8/1

New England Patriots 14/1

Green Bay Packers 16/1

New Orleans Saints 18/1

Atlanta Falcons 25/1

Carolina Panthers 25/1

Chicago Bears 25/1

Cincinnati Bengals 25/1

Philadelphia Eagles 25/1

Indianapolis Colts 28/1

Kansas City Chiefs 28/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1

Dallas Cowboys 33/1

Detroit Lions 33/1

New York Giants 33/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 33/1

San Diego Chargers 33/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Houston Texans 40/1

St. Louis Rams 40/1

Washington Redskins 40/1

Miami Dolphins 50/1

New York Jets 50/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 50/1

Tennessee Titans 50/1

Cleveland Browns 66/1

Buffalo Bills 75/1

Minnesota Vikings 75/1

Oakland Raiders 75/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 100/1