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Breaking down the Ravens links in's top 100 free agents column's Greg Bedard listed the top 100 free agents this offseason. This breaks down the Ravens links.'s Greg Bedard believes the Ravens would be a great fit for receiver Golden Tate.'s Greg Bedard believes the Ravens would be a great fit for receiver Golden Tate.
Otto Greule Jr's Greg Bedard has put together one of the best discussion pieces of the offseason thus far.

He listed who he thinks are the top 100 free agents this offseason and added where these players would fit best. For some, it's with a new team. For others, it's staying with their current squad.

Of course, there were some Ravens mentions or players he thinks would fit well in Baltimore. Here's my take on each of those:

(To read free agents 100-51, CLICK HERE and to read free agents 50-1, CLICK HERE.)

99. Michael Oher (Ravens): Bedard writes that Oher has underachieved the last couple of seasons and that the Falcons would be a better fit.

Should he stay or should he go?: The Ravens should let Oher go and I believe they will — but with a caveat. Baltimore has to lock Eugene Monroe up. If that fails, then the Ravens will be in a bind where they will need Oher back, which probably won't make many folks inside and outside of the organization too happy.

85. James Ihedigbo (Ravens): Bedard believes Ihedigbo is still a strong special teams player that can serve as a great mentor to Matt Elam. He thinks Baltimore is the best fit.

Should he stay or should he go?: I disagree with the thinking that the best fit for Ihedigbo is with a team that will start him. He's proven he can be a starter and it doesn't seem Ihedigbo is the long-term strong safety option in Baltimore. If the Ravens bring in a free safety and move Elam to strong, why would Ihedigbo want to stay?

40. Golden Tate (Seahawks): Bedard thinks the Ravens provide the best fit for Tate, as he'd compliment Torrey Smith.

Should he stay or should he go?: Similar to Ihedigbo, Tate should test the market and see what his value is. Assuming Percy Harvin is 100 percent in 2014, Tate's role could diminish there. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for him to maximize his earnings while his stock is hot. As for the Ravens, I'm not sold that he's the best option they could grab, but it certainly wouldn't be a bad move.

35. Daryl Smith (Ravens): Bedard thought Smith did a good job in Baltimore's scheme and would be welcomed back in 2014.

Should he stay or should he go?: Smith has a chance to prove he's still a top 10 inside linebacker this year. He's familiar with Baltimore's defense and was extremely sound throughout the year. It would be in both sides' best interest to make a deal happen.

29. Dennis Pitta (Ravens): The tight end dealt with a major hip injury that limited him in 2013, though teams around the NFL know what he's capable of. Bedard believes staying in Baltimore would be Pitta's best option.

Should he stay or should he go?: It's worth noting that the Ravens will probably use the franchise tag on Pitta if a deal can't be worked out by March 3. So Pitta may not have the option to go anywhere if he wanted to.

25. Arthur Jones (Ravens): Bedard notes that Jones has excelled as a run-stopper the past two years and that the Dolphins could use his services next season.

Should he stay or should he go?: Jones has more-than-earned the right to a big contract. Perhaps the Ravens could pay him now that the salary cap is rising beyond $130 million. But that also could mean another team will offer even more. Jones is talented enough to excel in most 3-4 defenses around the league, making his value high.

No. 8. Eugene Monroe (Ravens): Bedard points out how consistent Monroe was and seems confident the Ravens won't be able to bring him back in 2014.

Should he stay or should he go?: Monroe was on a perennial loser in Jacksonville. Does he really want to take that chance with a team like Miami, where dysfunction has been a major theme in recent years? At the same time, if he reaches free agency, it's hard to say no to a big contract. He should stay in Baltimore if winning sooner than later matters. But dollar signs always have a big part in these situations.