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Tim Allen takes shot at Lions, Jim Caldwell

Home Improvement star Tim Allen takes shots at his favorite team's new head coach.

Jim Caldwell addressing the media as Lions' head coach.
Jim Caldwell addressing the media as Lions' head coach.
Duane Burleson

Most of us here know Tim Allen, the star of the 1990's sitcom Home Improvement. Allen is known as a huge Detroit Lions fan, most would call him a "superfan."

TMZ, the celebrity-gossip website that isn't always reliable, caught Tim Allen on the streets and decided to ask him what he thinks about Lions' new head coach Jim Caldwell, knowing how big of a fan he is. Allen's response wasn't encouraging to the Lions' fanbase while they're trying to get used to a new coach in Detroit.

"How well did Baltimore do with their offense this year? Kinda sloppy, right?" said Allen.

Obviously this was a shot at not only Jim Caldwell, but also the Ravens' offense last season.

Here's the whole 32-second video:

The Ravens' offense wasn't too great this year. Here was a couple of their NFL rankings from last season:

  • 25th in points scored-per-game.
  • 29th in yards-per-game.
  • 18th in passing yards-per-game.
  • 30th in rushing yards-per-game.
Allen may be right about the Ravens' awful offensive performance last season, but there is no reason to hate on Jim Caldwell. You have to remember, Caldwell helped that same offense win a Super Bowl just two February's ago.

Maybe Allen will be proved wrong about Caldwell and his skills as a coach, or maybe he'll be spot on. In the interview, he does say he's a "45-year-fan." Doesn't that make him the equivalent of a professional analyst?