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Ravens, Cowboys will flip coin for 16th, 17th pick at combine Wednesday

The Ravens will know their first-round draft standing tomorrow.

Patrick Smith

The wait is over. Sort of.

The Ravens will find out Wednesday at the NFL combine whether their first-round pick is 16th or 17th overall. When it came to draft position, both the Ravens and the Cowboys went 8-8 and had a .424 opponents' winning percentage.

The Ravens could take their first-round in many directions. The team has needs at receiver, tight end, offensive line and free safety. Defensive line could become a need very soon, assuming the Ravens are unable to keep Arthur Jones once free agency hits.

One spot may not seem like a major difference, but you never know. With teams dealing picks and trying to position themselves in better position, it doesn't hurt to have a higher pick when you can get it.

With this, only one question remains: What side of the coin will land?