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Why would Ray Rice's job with the Ravens be in jeopardy?

Rice's job security is questioned within 24-hours of the team extending Terrell Suggs, whom has had multiple domestic complaints made against him.

The Ravens stood behind Terrell Suggs when he went through domestic issues. Why shouldn't they stand behind Ray Rice?
The Ravens stood behind Terrell Suggs when he went through domestic issues. Why shouldn't they stand behind Ray Rice?

The domestic situation involving Ravens running back Ray Rice and his fiancee Janay Palmer isn't only an embarrassment to the parties involved, but it has embarrassed the Baltimore Ravens as well.

Personally, I don't ever condone a man placing their hands on a woman for physical harm, but what exactly happened over the weekend in an Atlantic City, N.J. casino is between Rice, his fiancee and a judge.

Due to the fact that we're not a legal website and we're here to talk about football, I'd like to address those calling for Rice to be released by the Ravens because of his actions over the weekend. To me, that notion makes absolutely no sense.

Two hours after news of Rice's arrest broke, the Ravens released a statement in regards to a press conference with Terrell Suggs who was expected to sign an extension with the franchise. In case you forgot — and it seems like plenty of people have — Suggs has had multiple accusations of domestic violence from his wife, whom is also the mother of his children.

The eventual Mrs. Suggs dropped a restraining order and the couple quickly wed thereafter. In fairness to Suggs and his family, I won't divulge any further into the details of the accusations as this is a day of celebration. I brought this up simply to say that the Ravens have stood behind someone battling domestic issues before and it makes no sense that they wouldn't do the same for Rice.

For Rice, the situation is already embarrassing and the timing couldn't be any worse following his worst season as a professional. His actions this past weekend may further escalate that criticism, but to say he should lose his job when the Ravens are extending Suggs seems a little odd. It's not like Suggs has never underperformed during a year under contract with the team.

On Monday, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome stated that he and John Harbaugh hadn't spoken to Rice, but as of 15 minutes prior to the press conference, Rice was in their future plans. According to recent interviews with, new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak figures Rice to be a big part of the offensive game plan this season - as he should be.

This situation isn't pretty, but it will pass. Rice isn't going anywhere, nor should he. What should be most important is making sure Rice and Palmer resolve their issues and create the best environment for their child.

Had the Ravens dropped Suggs after his first accusation of domestic violence, it wouldn't be far fetched to think Rice's job is in jeopardy, but given that the ink has barely dried on Suggs' contract extension, everyone should just calm down.