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NFL Super Bowl 2014: Previewing some of the commercials

There are some good ones this year.


There's only one time per year when commercials are acceptable to watch.

That's during the Super Bowl. Each year, companies across the country shell out (expletives) of money to hopefully reach their products to the masses.

Some commercials hit. A lot miss. A 30-second advertisement costs $4 million, meaning companies better have an ad that will inspire folks to run out in droves to buy whatever it is they're trying to sell.

A recent trend has been to release some of these commercials online before the Super Bowl, to maximize the dollars spent. Here are a few to look out for this Sunday.

T-Mobile's ad with Tim Tebow

OK, I know what you're thinking: Gross. It's Tim Tebow. But this commercial is actually kind of funny. And good for Tebow for being able to make fun of himself.

Since Tebow doesn't have a contract, he's been able to do so much more. It's cheesy, yes. People that hate Tebow will probably hate this commercial. But if you're indifferent and don't care one way or the other about him, this one will entertain you.

Bud Light takes someone on the best night of their life

I'm not sure how this commercial will be cut down on Super Bowl Sunday, but the entire one is pretty awesome and will create jealousy among everyone everywhere.

Essentially, a man named Ian is asked if he'll be up for whatever if he takes a Bud Light. He agrees, and then rides around town in a limo with bachelorettes and musician Reggie Watts, gets a style makeover from Minka Kelly, meats Don Cheadle and a llama and plays Arnold  Schwarzenegger in "tiny tennis."

After beating Schwarzenegger, Ian winds up on stage with the band One Republic. Not a bad night.

Priceline: William Shattner is an angry father

Dads with daughters will likely appreciate this one.

William Shattner, the longtime Priceline spokesperson, spies on his daughter, who has a less-than-appealing boyfriend that has booked a hotel room for them.

Shattner's an overprotecting dad who is happy the boyfriend used Priceline. And then he overstepped his bounds just a tad. I won't spoil the end for you.

Budweiser's puppy love

There won't be any ads cuter than this one.

Budweiser strikes gold again by showcasing a friendship between a little lab and a Clydesdale. At all costs, the two animals want to hang out together, even though they continue to be separated.

When the puppy is about to be taken away, a true meaning of friendship is seen, with the two ultimately being able to finally play with one another.