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NFL: Elliott Harrison raves about Ravens efforts's Media Analyst (and Pro-Football Professor?) Dr. Elliott Harrison grades the Baltimore Ravens' efforts after their 28-13 waxing of the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday.

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Whew, what a super-duper meaningful victory over the playoffs-in-their-sonar Miami Dolphins (7-6). My Sunday afternoon consisted of posting "R-E-L-A-X" messages via our Facebook and Twitter account (and I'm overjoyed that the AFC North might pan out as I predicted). Dance with me.'s Media Analyst Elliott Harrison graded the Ravens in a sit-down with NFL Now's host Marc Istook. On Joe Flacco's performance:

You [Ravens fans] should be excited. What a team effort in a game that is uber, uber important. I'm not talking about car rides...Joe Flacco, outstanding today ... 76 percent completions, almost, just a hair under (75.8) averaged over eight yards-per-throw (8.2)...and an interception that was not costly...Dolphins ended up punting after that giveaway.

Ravens offense: A

Be careful around NFL Now host Istook -- he's a self-acclaimed mind-reader. He read Harrison's, quick to point out that the passing game received much help from its ballcarriers, churning out 183 rushing yards out of the backfield. I'll pack that punch -- Lorenzo Taliaferro and Bernard Pierce contributed to that galactic total -- all on 31 launches out of the backfield (5.9 yards per attempt).

Ravens defense: A-

Rough starts mean nothing to me. Fans got to witness true resiliency on Sunday. While trailing behind by 10 points after the end of the first quarter, the Ravens' defense adjusted their schemes while spectators flipped through their television channels. Six sacks on Ryan Tannehill courtesy of our edge-rushers shouldn't be taken lightly moving forward.

...It's more than just about the sacks, it's about the coverage downfield as well, as you can see right there, Brian Hartline's not open. The run defense did its job when it was asked to do it...wouldn't give him [Tannehill] anything down the field.

On a serious note: it's never about how you begin. Football games, grad school, or life in general, it's how you finish.

Overall: A

Watch the rest of the video to hear Dr. Harrison rave on about your Ravens.