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Ravens overcome odds in win over Dolphins

The Ravens were in a difficult spot entering the game, but ignored all that to win the game.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens were in a bad spot going into the game. Haloti Ngata had been given a suspension for the remainder of the regular season, Jimmy Smith is out against a wide receiver corps featuring Jarvis Landry and Mike Wallace, and two of the Ravens offensive stars, Torrey Smith and Justin Forsett were going into the game with injuries.

In the first quarter things were going poorly for the Ravens. The Dolphins drove down the field and scored 10 points, featuring big runs by Lamar Miller and the offense went three and out on the first three drives, drives where the run was not working.

The Ravens would go on a long drive at the start of the second quarter, but an interception in the end zone would end that threat and it looked like it was going to be one of those games. Then the Ravens started to heat up. The pass rush caused Tannehill trouble, and on the next drive Joe Flacco would lead the Ravens down the field with a run and passes to multiple Steve Smith, Marlon Brown, and Kamar Aiken, before hitting Steve Smith for a two yard touchdown.

The Ravens would take over the second half as the pass rush, led by Elvis Dumervil, who continues to look like one of Ozzie's biggest hits, would continue to terrorize Ryan Tannehill and Joe Flacco would continue to methodically attack the Miami defense, as the offensive line gave Flacco plenty of time to throw. Flacco would throw for another touchdown and add one with his legs, and Pierce would finish the Dolphins off with a 1 yard run.

This is the only Ravens victory that Justin Forsett hasn't run for 100 yards.