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Top 11 Reasons The Ravens Offensive Line Is Dominating

Between this season and last, the offensive line is a polar opposite of itself.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

I was searching for items to write about focusing on the offensive line when it finally hit me....

I haven't had to hear the name Juan Castillo at all since the regular season started. HALLELUJAH! In fact, I had to look up and make sure he was still on the coaching staff. The reason Castillo has somehow found his way out of the crosshairs of the Ravens fan base is because the offensive line has been playing out of its mind.

The o-line has kept Joe Flacco upright most of the season. In fact, the Ravens are tied with the Bengals for the second-fewest sacks allowed in the NFL with 15. The only quarterback with a cleaner jersey after a game is Peyton Manning as the Broncos have only allowed 13 sacks on the season.

What has transpired this year is amazing considering that 60% of the starting offensive line is still in tact. Instead of Flacco throwing 21 interceptions because he doesn't have time to make sound decisions, he's getting plenty of time. Instead of a running back getting stuffed for less than three yards per carry, Justin Forsett is a Top 5 back.

So, how much credit does Castillo actually deserve? I put together this Top 11 list to rank the reasons the line has had such a major turnaround.

  1. Gary Kubiak
  2. Gary Kubiak
  3. Gary Kubiak
  4. Kelechi Osemele is finally healthy.
  5. Marshall Yanda is a man beast.
  6. Eugene Monroe stayed in Baltimore on a cheap deal.
  7. Rick Wagner has played far and above anything that most had expected. What a great find!?!
  8. Jeremy Zuttah - anyone is an upgrade over Gino Gradkowski.
  9. Jah Reid hasn't played at all.
  10. Where's Andy Moeller?
  11. Juan Castillo
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