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NFL picks Week 14: Predicting this week’s games

Jason Butt and Daniel Park take a crack at predicting this week's slate of games.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Park: Jason?

Jason Butt: Yes.

Park: Good Luck.

Butt: He's great.

Park: You know me too well, I was talking about Andrew. We both finished 10-6 last week meaning for the 2014 season I'm 121-69-1 and Butt's 120-70-1. #TooCloseForChipotle

Cowboys at Bears

Park's take: Who's ready for a Dallas December to Remember? Will Tony Romo and the Cowboys freeze over? Luckily for them, the quarterback on the opposite sideline is more frightful than delightful.

Park's pick: Cowboys 28, Bears 23

Butt's take: Tony Romo ruined my Thanksgiving with a fantasy football to forget. Here's to him helping me get in my four-team playoff of my top pay league.

Butt's pick: Cowboys 34, Bears 27

Steelers at Bengals

Park's take: Insane/inane that the Bengals are locked for first place of the AFC North with a loss to the Steelers. 8-4-1 is better than 8-5. Tear, tear.

Park's pick: Bengals 34, Steelers 31

Butt's take: The Bengals can do some damage in the AFC North with a win and losses from the Ravens and Browns. On their end, it works out.

Butt's pick: Bengals 27, Steelers 20

Colts at Browns

Park's take: The Trent Richardson Game...not. The Browns may have deceived themselves thinking that their contriving quarterback situation will hold enough advantage over the Colts' preparation this week.

Park's pick: Colts 23, Browns 20

Butt's take: Trent Richardson wants revenge! And the Browns are absurd for sticking with Brian Hoyer.

Butt's pick: Colts 28, Browns 17

Buccaneers at Lions

Park's take: A bang for your Buc? No, you Lion.

Park's pick: Lions 42, Bucs 17

Butt's take: The Bucs offense has been improved of late. But without a running game this week, they won't be able to do much against Detroit.

Butt's pick: Lions 35, Bucs 17

Texans at Jaguars

Park's take: How slim are the Texans chances of sneaking into the invite-only postseason party? The chimney though. ... #SantaFitzpatrick

Park's pick: Texans 33, Jaguars 14

Butt's take: Ryan Fitzpatrick won't throw for six touchdowns this week. But even with Jadeveon Clowney's miserable injury-ridden rookie year, the Texans defense should do plenty against a bad Jacksonville team that somehow got a win last week.

Butt's pick: Texans 35, Jaguars 10

Jets at Vikings

Park's take: Cordarrelle Patterson, meet Percy Harvin, take notes.

Park's pick: Jets 24, Vikings 23

Butt's take: The Vikings are stout against the run, which is all the Jets have. Vikings win big.

Butt's pick: Vikings 28, Jets 7

Panthers at Saints

Park's take: Do the Saints understand the gravity of this matchup? With the Falcons projected to lose to the Packers, a victory here will hand New Orleans a commanding one-game lead over all in the hideous division. That crown at the end of the season, will be the ugliest ever created and hoisted.

Park's pick: Saints 30, Panthers 13

Butt's take: The Saints need a win because Atlanta is in a very tough matchup against Green Bay. And with a win, they're in sole possession of first place in the NFC South. Count on Drew Brees to come through.

Butt's pick: Saints 27, Panthers 17

Giants at Titans

Park's take: I give up on the Giants. I was caught off-guard by the one-hand catch two weeks ago (made by the one-and-only Odell Beckham. But that's in the past now; the Titans' dignity weighs more which will slide down the icy slopes faster - think skibob.

Park's pick: Titans 28, Giants 23 #HeroPick

Butt's take: The Giants are a joke. But I just can't pick the Titans to win this game.

Butt's pick: Giants 20, Titans 17

Rams at Redskins

Park's take: The Rams are coming off a 52-0 win over the Raiders. ... That's the biggest deficit a team's won by all season.

Shut outs: The Chargers (31-0 over the Jets), Eagles (27-0 over the Giants), Colts (27-0 over Bengals), and Dolphins (37-0 over the Chargers). Apologies in advance to Redskins fans watching the game FedEx Field this Sunday.

Park's pick: Rams 400, Redskins 19

Butt's take: Man, Park sure hates what the Redskins are about.

Butt's pick: Rams 24, Redskins 20

Chiefs at Cardinals

Park's take: I love both head coaches, but only because the Cardinals are at home. ...

Park's pick: Cardinals 24, Chiefs 21

Butt's take: The Cardinals could be in some trouble if Andre Ellington can't suit up this week. And even if he does, he's not 100 percent. Justin Houston could have a big game rushing the passer.

Butt's pick: Chiefs 24, Cardinals 21

Bills at Broncos

Park's take: The Broncos are 9-3?! They're 6-0 at home?! The Bills are road warriors (3-2 away), but we'll stick with the simple truth here: Omaha over Orton.

Park's pick: Broncos 42, Bills 20

Butt's take: The Bills are about a year away from a playoff berth. The Broncos hurt their chances for a spot this season this week.

Butt's pick: Broncos 38, Bills 21

49ers at Raiders

Park's take: Perseverance is everything, right, but San Fran will overpower their neighbors on both sides of the tennis, soccer, ping pong, bowling...and football.

Park's pick: 49ers 34, Raiders 20

Butt's take: After seeing what the Raiders did last week, I really can't figure out how they beat the Chiefs. The bigger question is will Jim Harbaugh be coaching his Week 14 opponent next year?

Butt's pick: 49ers 31, Raiders 10

Seahawks at Eagles

Park's pick: Marquee matchup goes to the Eagles at home. The battle for higher seeding in the postseason goes to an Eagles offense that is sold out on Chip Kelly's up-tempo style play.

Park's pick: Eagles 28, Seahawks 27

Butt's take: To me, it comes down to one matchup. Jeremy Maclin vs. Richard Sherman. It's at Philadelphia, so anything can happen.

Butt's pick: Eagles 31, Seahawks 30

Patriots at Chargers

Park's take: This is one of the best finishes to a season in recent memory. I am still in love with Bill Belichick's attitude in finding ways to exploit teams' weaknesses. #CloseGates

Park's pick: Patriots 31, Chargers 20

Butt's take: The Patriots' offense should be able to do what the Ravens did a week ago. New England's defense won't allow San Diego to do whatever it wants on third down and throw bombs down the field.

Butt's pick: Patriots 34, Chargers 24

Falcons at Packers

Park's take: The Packers aren't in the mood for horseplay. The Falcons need Mike Smith to lead them to a high-note finish.

Park's pick: Packers 42, Falcons 17

Butt's take: No one is playing better than Green Bay. Poor Atlanta, that it has to go against the Packers the week the Saints play the Panthers.

Butt's pick: Packers 38, Falcons 24