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Don't fool yourself, Rex Ryan isn't coming back to Baltimore

Rex Ryan has been fired. He's not coming back to Baltimore.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan is no longer the head coach of the New York Jets. He is now free to pursue any job in the NFL, be that as a head coach, defensive coordinator, or as a talking head.

Naturally, Ravens fans will want to see Rex and his Organized Chaos return. He won't.

To start, the Ravens already have Dean Pees here as the defensive coordinator, and while he isn't as blitz-happy or as creative as Ryan, his defense has gotten the job done, which means that he isn't going to be fired, which in turn won't give Rex the job.

Secondly, Ryan, if anything, is prideful. He's not going to come crawling back to ask for his old job, especially after he was passed over for the head coaching job in favor of John Harbaugh.

And third, a lot of teams want him. Ryan is a defensive genius. Whether it's as a head coach or a defensive coordinator, plenty of teams will offer him a job. And the Ravens, which are preparing for the playoffs right now, can't make offers to anyone.

The thought of Ryan coming back is a nice one. But it isn't going to happen.