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Lardarius Webb records first interception of the season

Webb has been playing his best football of late.

Larry French/Getty Images

It cemented the game, though it was clear the Ravens had the game in the bag by this point.

But Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb was able to finally record his first interception of the season with a late throw form Browns quarterback Connor Shaw in the fourth quarter. Webb's pick ended any miracle hopes Cleveland had in Baltimore's 20-10 victory.

The win, combined with Kansas City's victory over San Diego, gave the Ravens the AFC's No. 6 seed in the 2014-15 NFL playoffs.

For Webb, it was a great feeling to finally get his hands on a ball, even if the Ravens were in control with little time left in the game. Since Jimmy Smith and practically the rest of the Ravens' secondary got injured, teams have avoided Webb by default, opting to target younger corners such as Anthony Levine and Rashaan Melvin in recent weeks.

"I just saw the ball. It was one of the first times I could actually have a ball that I could make a play on," Webb told reporters after the game. "I was me – I just made the play, just caught it actually. It was nice to get it. It’d been a long year – I missed the first five games – and just to finally get that interception, man, that was big. It’s going to help out a lot going into the playoffs."

Webb began the year with a back injury that limited his mobility on the field even after he was able to return. It's only been recently that it seems he's close to 100 percent. It's been a tough year for the Ravens' secondary, which has been beaten badly over the second half of the season. There hasn't been a ball hawk back there as C.J. Mosley and Haloti Ngata will end the season tied for the season-lead in interceptions with two apiece.

The Ravens will need Webb to be at his best this Saturday against the Steelers, considering what Ben Roethlisberger and company did to them the last time they played. Webb will look for the Ravens back end to have a much better performance now that his health has significantly improved since the last time the two teams met on the field.

"I just know I’ve been playing better since I’ve been feeling good," Webb said. "And when I’m feeling good, I make plays like that. So, I’m just going to keep on playing."