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Local media awards: Justin Forsett wins team MVP, Torrey Smith earns Good Guy honor

Justin Forsett won the media's MVP award and Torrey Smith was named the Good Guy recipient.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has been printed about Justin Forsett this season. He's the quintessential reason why never to give up on a dream, even when it seems like it might be over.

On Friday, Forsett was recognized for his season, in which he's run for 1,147 yards and eight touchdowns. The local media named him the team's Most Valuable Player, after helping a Ravens team go from the bottom two in rushing a year ago to the top 10 in 2014.

"I knew that I probably had one more shot, one more opportunity to show what I could do, and I just wanted to make the best of it," Forsett told reporters after Friday's practice. "I promised that if I got another chance, another play, I was going to be my best and put my best foot forward. That's all I was trying to do, and to receive this award, it's just another blessing."

Forsett was also recognized by the Council of Ravens Roosts, which gave him the Unsung Hero Award. This award is to recognize a Ravens player for their efforts on and off the playing field.

Winning the media's Good Guy Award, given to a Ravens player that readily makes himself available for interviews, was receiver Torrey Smith. As The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec said, "The media award for Good Guy exemplifies a player who shows great respect for the media, great accessibility. And this year, Torrey Smith, in good and bad, whether it was discussing a game that was probably disappointing by his standards, or a great game, or an issue facing the team, Torrey Smith was always in front of his locker willing to give us a quote and talk about the situation."

"You all come all the time, and I respect the job you do," Smith said. "We have to be able to withstand the heat when things aren't going well, and when we're successful, be able to talk as well. It's just all part of the job."