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John Harbaugh defers Eugene Monroe, Rick Wagner updates to injury report

Harbaugh didn't comment on the status of Eugene Monroe or Rick Wagner on Monday. Both have foot injuries.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

What we know is that tackles Eugene Monroe and Rick Wagner have foot injuries. Both were spotted in walking boots following Sunday's 25-13 loss to the Texans.

What we don't know is their status, which could be good news for the Ravens. When asked about the status of Monroe and Wagner's injuries, Ravens coach John Harbaugh deferred the answer to a later date.

"No, we'll have that on Wednesday for you when the injury report comes out," Harbaugh told reporters.

What we know about Harbaugh is that if a player has a chance to play, and if that player is an important piece to the lineup, he's going to be as tight-lipped as he can be. When injuries are of the season-ending or long absence variety, Harbaugh generally releases that information.

We'll know what the injury report says on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. From there, a report may trickle out. It may not. But the silver lining, for the Ravens sake, is that it looks like Monroe and Wagner both, at minimum, have chances to play this coming Sunday in Baltimore's season finale against the Browns.