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John Harbaugh offers encouragement to young fan battling soft tissue sarcoma

Harbaugh singled out 14-year-old Jon Dzuray and gave some encouraging words.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to discussing Baltimore's loss to Houston at his Monday press conference, Ravens coach John Harbaugh took some time to talk about a young fan in a tough battle.

Jon Dzuray, just 14 years old, has a soft tissue sarcoma and hasn't been able to take the Ravens up on their invitation to see the team at The Castle due to the disease. Harbaugh wanted to make sure Dzuray knew he and the team were thinking about him and offered some encouragement to the young boy fighting to defeat the cancer.

"Just a shout-out to Jon; he's doing a great job," Harbaugh said. "We love you, we care about you, and we're proud of the fight you're putting in, the battle that you are waging. God has got you in His hands, man. He has you. He's holding you close, He's holding you tight, and it's going to be a very blessed Christmas for you. And we're proud that you are a Ravens fan, so we're with you."

It goes without saying that everyone here hopes young Jon is able to get out to the facility to see Harbaugh and the Ravens real soon.