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Ravens-Texans final score: Joe Flacco struggles mightily in 25-13 loss

The Ravens had a horrid performance on offense in a disastrous 25-13 loss to the Texans.

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Falling back, off his back foot, incomplete. That was the story of Joe Flacco's Sunday afternoon in Houston.

The Ravens were embarrassed on the offensive side of the ball on the road against the Texans in a 25-13 loss. That was not the kind of game anyone expected from a team many figured had a great chance at making the playoffs. Now those chances have taken a hit with the Ravens needing a win against the Browns and some help next week.

Joe Flacco had arguably the worst game of his NFL career. In a season that was perhaps his best, featuring the most consistent level of play throughout, Flacco finished the day 20-of-49 for 180 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. Most of his yards came late, with Flacco erratic all game. It was a tough game to watch. In 99 percent of football games, there's generally a big picture assessment in how a team lost. In this instance, quarterback play is what decided this game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Credit the Texans defense, though. J.J. Watt was a one-man wrecking crew out there. He repeatedly got pressure, whether it was Rick Wagner or James Hurst blocking him. Flacco didn't have time to do much with the football and began making poor decision after poor decision.

The Ravens defense did everything it could possibly do. With its backs against the wall most of the game, the group forced six field goals, all of which were made by Texans kicker Randy Bullock. Arian Foster got 96 yards but had to do so on 25 carries.

The Ravens went up against a quarterback that wasn't on Houston's roster last week and couldn't win, all because their own more experienced former Super Bowl MVP winning quarterback put out the worst performance he's had since the Jacksonville disaster in 2011. Keenum, who went 0-8 as a starter a year ago, got his first win as an NFL starter at a time where the Ravens couldn't afford a loss. He finished the day 20-of-42 for 185 yards and an interception. Oh, and a win.

Flacco and the offense will have to regroup next week and get a win over the Browns, all while hoping everything else can work itself out in their favor. Next Sunday should be a tense day across Baltimore.

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