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ABC News should be ashamed of themselves

While Ray Rice is delivering Christmas cheer to children across Maryland hospitals, ABC News decided to publish even more video of an event that happened 309 days ago in an attempt to further wreck his image.

When you look at the ratings, the television network ABC is essentially the Jacksonville Jaguars of network news stations.

How does a network news station continue to get outdone by their competition? Well, you could release video footage of an event that not only occurred 309 days ago, but adds no context to the original story.

This is exactly what ABC News did this morning when they obtained 45 minutes of security footage inside the now abandoned Revel Casino stemming from the Ray Rice incident with his now-wife, Janay Palmer Rice. EVERYONE has seen video of the incident. Both Rice and his wife has spoken publicly about the incident and have since tried to move on from the worst night of the life and repair their image as a couple and individually

Releasing a video 309 days later shows that ABC was likely trying to scratch and claw to keep their name relevant for anything relating to this story. They sure did swing and miss when CBS's "Today" show got the "Exclusive" interview with Janay Palmer Rice inside their Baltimore home.

Always trailing someone else sucks, doesn't it?

Regardless, enough is enough! ABC's actions shows that they're far from a credible news station.

For the sake of a page view on your website or a click of your video, you attempt to tear down Rice and his family as they simply try to move on. Instead of trying to tear down someone, why not report on positive stories?

Rice has always been active in the community and given all that has happened to him, it hasn't stopped him.

On Wednesday, Rice was in Dundalk, MD at Jimmy's Famous Seafood for their Toys for Tots rally. Rice didn't stop there, on Friday he was at Johns Hopkins visiting a 13-year old cancer patient (photo above). Before that, he was at Kennedy Krieger playing with kids and giving them toys for Christmas.

Ray Rice isn't a monster. He's a human that made a mistake and has payed dearly for it. The man's life shouldn't be over and he (along with his family) shouldn't be constantly torn down by news stations whoring themselves out for a click.

Everyone is sick of negative news. How about you cover something worthwhile instead. I sure as hell would rathe see smiling cancer patients having a great Christmas because of Rice versus the crap that constantly can't stop being played on TV by news organizations always trying to one-up each other for the "Exclusive."

ABC News should be ashamed of themselves. Plain and simple.

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