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Ravens fantasy outlook vs. the Texans

It's fantasy championship week, so here are the Ravens players you can count on to get a title.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Start 'em

RB Justin Forsett: He hasn't had the kind of production as expected the past two weeks. That's OK. He'll bounce back this week and is once again a must-start.

WRs Steve Smith and Torrey Smith: Steve Smith is a sure-fire WR2 this week. Torrey Smith is more of a flex player since he's coming back from the knee injury. However, after two weeks of limited work and being removed from the injury report, expect Torrey Smith to have a much better day out there.

K Justin Forsett: Duh.

Ravens D/ST: Thad Lewis or Case Keenum. That's all you really need to know. If you have the Ravens D/ST, you need to make sure they're in your lineup this week.

Sit 'em

QB Joe Flacco: Only because you probably have a better fantasy quarterback to roll with. He should have a good game from regular football standpoint. From the fake standpoint, the stats may not gaudy enough to push you over the edge for a title. It's better to be safe than sorry.


TE Owen Daniels: You know Daniels wants revenge in this game. Much like Steve Smith went off on the Panthers, Daniels could be line for a big game receiving wise. It's just too hard to definitively predict one way or the other.

WR Marlon Brown: If the Ravens are able to move the ball on the 24th-ranked defense, Brown could potentially get some red zone targets. He's been a big presence on third down the past few weeks, and thus has seen his role grow on the offense.