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Terrell Suggs on Dan Patrick Show: Joe Flacco has 'no rhythm' as a dancer

Terrell Suggs had plenty of funny moments while appearing on The Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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If you need some laughs, do yourself a favor and listen to the above clip with Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs appearing on The Dan Patrick Show.

Suggs touches on a few points, with some great takes.

The first funny moment is the two talking about Joe Flacco as a dancer. Why? Who knows, yet it's still funny. Suggs said Flacco has "no rhythm" though he's never seen him dance.

He mentions that it sure looked like the Bengals wanted to get after Johnny Manziel in a 30-0 win over the Browns. Suggs mentioned that the combination of it being a revenge game and a rookie quarterback that's received a lot of media coverage likely fired up the defense to just get after it on Sunday.

The interview is about eight minutes long and worth the watch.