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Matchups to watch this Sunday against the Jaguars

Interesting things to look for on Sunday.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens pass rush vs. Jaguars offensive line

The Jaguars have the worst offensive line in the entire NFL, as they have allowed an NFL leading 54 sacks. To put that in perspective, that's six more sacks than the 2013 Ravens allowed and four short of what the 2013 Dolphins allowed. They allowed the Redskins to have 10 alone. The Ravens pass rush should thrive on Sunday.

Justin Forsett vs. Jaguars run defense

The Jaguars have one of the worst run defenses in the league. Forsett should exploit them all day.

Kamar Aiken vs. Jaguars secondary

The Jaguars have a poor pass defense, which Joe Flacco should be able to exploit, and Aiken has the trust of Flacco, which could set him up for a big day if Torrey Smith is out or limited.

Ravens offensive line vs. Jaguars pass rush

The Jaguars are third in the league when it comes to sacking opposing quarterbacks. That being said the Ravens have allowed the second fewest sacks the entire year.