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NFL picks Week 15: Predicting this week’s games

Jason Butt and Daniel Park predict this week's slate of games.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Park: ...

Jason Butt: HA!

Park: We're tied up, like the Panthers and Bengals.

Butt: The rope gets cut this week.

Park: Thaaat's right, folks. My mouth is watering already thinking about the Chipotle burrito that I'll inhale after the final week of the season. I went 10-6 this week, missing the Jets-Vikings and Giants-Titans duel. I lost my damn mind. For the season we (my nemesis/boss), are 130-75-1.

Cardinals at Rams

Park's take: What a way to start off a week of life-changing predictions. Yes, I love Chipotle. As you all know by now, I LOVE THE RAMS DEFENSE. Bruce Arians, on the other hand, is special...and I'm sure he's stressing out over this matchup more than I'm losing hair over a dinky burrito.

Park's pick: Cardinals 20, Rams 10

Butt's take: The Rams have a pretty good defense. You're right about that Park. So why are you picking against the Rams then? Arizona's starting Drew Stanton and a committee of running backs. I'm going with the upset.

Butt's pick: Rams 21, Cardinals 17

Steelers at Falcons

Park's take: The 2014-15 Playoffs start here for AFC North teams. Nobody, not even my grandma (happy birthday!) wants to bow to the Falcons (being that they'll be irrelevant come postseason time).

Park's pick: Steelers 21, Falcons 20

Butt's take: Both teams need this win. The Falcons need it more since the Steelers are actually in a Wild Card discussion. But something weird has happened with Pittsburgh and NFC South teams. Could it happen again?

Butt's pick: Falcons 31, Steelers 30

Packers at Bills

Park's take: If I had to choose between eating cheese or paying my bills, I'll go with the first choice.

Park's pick: Packers 35, Bills 23

Butt's take: I honestly can't think of a team that can compete with the Packers right now.

Butt's pick: Packers 42, Bills 21

Buccaneers at Panthers

Park's take: #GetWellSoonCam. This is where dreams come true for the Panthers.

Park's pick: Panthers 24, Buccaneers 19

Butt's take: Cam Newton has had a season to forget, punctuated by a car crash. Poor guy. Derek Anderson comes through for Carolina though.

Butt's pick: Panthers 21, Buccaneers 18

Bengals at Browns

Park's take: Read my pan out article. The Browns are starting Johnny Manziel - good - I'm ready for a good laugh.

Park's pick: Bengals 30, Browns 20

Butt's take: It's about time the Browns started Johnny Manziel. He gives them a better chance to win than Brian Hoyer at this point. But will that be enough against Cincinnati?

Butt's pick: Bengals 28, Browns 24

Texans at Colts

Park's take: The Colts (9-4) will keep us bored during this blowout of the Texans.

Park's pick: Colts 41, Texans 14

Butt's take: The Texans might be a couple of years away from a postseason berth. This game against the Colts will show why they're not close to the playoff picture.

Butt's pick: Colts 34, Texans 13

Raiders at Chiefs

Park's take: The Chiefs know better not to lose three-consecutive games. Oh, wait, they have! Head coach Andy Reid unleashes his wrath on his visitors.

Park's pick: Chiefs 31, Raiders 0

Butt's take: The Chiefs should win this game. They have to, right? There's no way they lose again to Oakland. Right? Right?!

Butt's pick: Chiefs 24, Raiders 20

Dolphins at Patriots

Park's take: Guess who's playing for home-field advantage? Road to the Super Bowl starts now for head coach Double B's Pats.

Park's pick: Patriots 28, Dolphins 20

Butt's take: The Patriots don't have to worry about Knowshon Moreno running roughshod over them this time. And New England is playing great football too.

Butt's pick: Patriots 31, Dolphins 17

Redskins at Giants

Park's take: You should know by now from reading my last two predictions. I lose brain cells thinking about the Redskins.

Park's pick: Giants 400, Redskins 14

Butt's take: I love the fact Park predicts teams will score 400 against Washington week after week.

Butt's pick: Giants 41, Redskins 10

Broncos at Chargers

Park's take: The Broncos want their postseason ambassadors to come through Mile High, not Foxborough, Mass.

Park's pick: Broncos 29, Chargers 26

Butt's take: The poor Chargers. They've endured a lot this season with their final stretch of games for a playoff run way too difficult.

Butt's pick: Broncos 38, Chargers 20

Jets at Titans

Park's take: J-E-T-S, stink but win in overtime. Another bubble screen for 90. Ridiculous.

Park's pick: Jets 23, Titans 17 (OT)

Butt's take: This game may have a viewership of about 17.

Butt's pick: Titans 20, Jets 17

Vikings at Lions

Park's take: How badly do the Lions want out of their cage and enter the dungeon? The playoffs are no joke, kind of opposite of what the Lions are currently viewed as.

Park's pick: Lions 40, Vikings 14

Butt's take: Teddy Bridgewater may be a solid quarterback in a couple of years. He's going to have a rough day against Detroit this Sunday though.

Butt's pick: Lions 31, Vikings 13

49ers at Seahawks

Park's take: Sorry in advance for you 49ers fan reading. The Seahawks won't - at least intentionally - keep this game close. Consider this a statement game for the Seahawks.

Park's pick: Seahawks 33, 49ers 21

Butt's take: The Seahawks are easily in the NFL's top three right now. Can't pick against them at the moment.

Butt's pick: Seahawks 27, 49ers 14

Cowboys at Eagles

Park's take: Positive thoughts, Eagles fans, for Philadelphia face their divisional rivals not too long ago (Thanksgiving). Mark Sanchez, keep thy composure. Air-tight finish in the City of Brotherly Love.

Park's pick: Eagles 33, Cowboys 31

Butt's take: The Eagles stifled DeMarco Murray on Thanksgiving, not allowing him to break away for any big runs. This time, Murray breaks loose. And Tony Romo's painkiller kicks in to let him do his thing.

Butt's pick: Cowboys 31, Eagles 27

Saints at Bears

Park's take: Weather, schmeather. Drew Brees played at Purdue, which is two hours and TWO MINUTES away from Soldier Field.

Park's pick: Saints 30, Bears 27

Butt's take: Drew Brees takes to the air against a surprisingly horrible Bears team. Jimmy Graham has a big day.

Butt's pick: Saints 37, Bears 21