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Ravens fantasy outlook vs. the Jaguars

The Ravens should have a big day offensively against a team that hasn't fared well defensively for much of the year.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you're still play in a meaningful fantasy football game, congratulations! You're in the semifinals. And if you own certain Ravens players, this could be a big week to own them.

Start 'em

RB Justin Forsett: No one could have possibly predicted Forsett would have the kind of season he's having. Not the Ravens. And most certainly not the Jaguars, which released him after the 2013 season. Forsett will make them pay with a huge game this Sunday.

WR Steve Smith: The offense has been balanced and efficient and Smith has been a big reason why. With Torrey Smith banged up with the knee injury, look for Steve Smith to get more looks in the passing game.

K Justin Tucker: No explanation needed.

Ravens D/ST: The Ravens' secondary sucks. But this is a rookie quarterback going against a top three outside linebacking duo in a scheme that is forced to put pressure on the passer since the secondary sucks. Against lower tier quarterbacks, the Ravens have thrived. Blake Bortles may be good one day. He won't be Sunday.

QB Joe Flacco: Of course you have a better option than Flacco. But just in case you went with a zero quarterback strategy in your fantasy draft and it paid off, Flacco is not a bad option this week. He should be able to throw the ball quite a bit on a defense that ranks 27th in the NFL.

Sit 'em

WR Torrey Smith: He has a bad knee and may not play. So go ahead and take him out of your lineup.

TE Owen Daniels: He hasn't been a fantasy factor in recent weeks, and with Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown's emergence, he may not be once again.


WRs Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown: Take your pick but choose wisely. Either one of these receivers could be in for a touchdown this week. Flacco won't throw only to Steve Smith, so process of elimination would lead you to believe that either of these two guys could wind up with some targets. The safer sleeper option would be Aiken.

RB Bernard Pierce: Pierce could wind up with more carries than usual since Lorenzo Taliaferro is not expected to suit up this week.