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Ravens give game ball to strength and conditioning coach

Bob Rogucki was given a game ball following this past Sunday's win.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There were multiple candidates for the game ball on Sunday: Joe Flacco, who did receive one, Elvis Dumervil, Brandon Williams, Timmy Jernigan and the entire offensive line were great candidates.

But I doubt anyone would suspect that strength and conditioning coach Bob Rogucki would get one. Ravens coach John Harbaugh, via's Jamison Hensley, handed out game balls and Rogucki received one along with Joe Flacco. The Ravens played well in the 76-degree weather at Sun Life Stadium on Sunday as they out-muscled the Dolphins on both sides of the ball.

Whether it has to do with Rogucki or not, the Ravens have been the best warm-weather team since John Harbaugh arrived, as they are 11-4 when the weather is 75 degrees or more, going four-for-four in said games this year against the Steelers in Week 2, the Panthers in Week 4, the Buccaneers in Week 6, and the Dolphins last week.

The Ravens will not play a game with the temperature above 75 again. In fact the warmest game left is likely at Houston, where it is predicted, at this time at least, to be in the low 60s next week.