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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Titans predictions

Here's what we think will happen against Tennessee.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Dylan Guy: Joe Flacco has a nice bounce back game and Kubiak's game plan shines against the Titans. The pass rush has a strong game against Michael Oher and The False Starts. Prediction: Ravens 27 Titans 13

Kyle Barber: The Ravens jump out to a lead early, but the decimated secondary lets Tennessee slowly come back. The pass rush comes through in the fourth. The running game, though, doesn't get in motion. Prediction: Ravens 31, Titans 24

Chuck Mills: Joe Flacco goes deep to Torrey Smith for two touchdowns versus a weak Titans secondary and hits Steve Smith and Daniels for two more. Forsett and Taliaferro score one each. The pass rush keys off on a penalty-prone Titans team that can't run and Elvis  Dumervil gets three sacks, courtesy of Michael Oher. Prediction: Ravens 42 Titans 10

Rocky Friedman: There is no way that the Ravens lose this game. They always come through in must-win situations and against a 2-6 team in Tennessee, you have to figure they're going to pull this one. I say that the Ravens dominate this game from start to finish on all sides of the ball and take a victory into the bye week. Prediction: Ravens 27, Titans 7

Matthew Stevens: The Ravens come back angry against a Titans team that is absolutely no match for the aggression coming their way. The offense fires on all cylinders allowing the Ravens defense to sit back and pick off passes and harass the quarterback for 3 quarters. This game gets ugly quick. Prediction: Ravens 31, Titans 3

Daniel Park: Don't anticipate the Ravens to blowout the candles at home against a Titans team that will come in with more tricks up their sleeves than the street magician on 22nd and Main. This match will be closer than you wish, and if Joe Flacco doesn't get Steve Smith Sr. the ball at a high frequency, trouble will ensue. Meaning...Prediction: Titans 24, Ravens 23

Jason Butt: The Ravens have played well against bad teams this year and the Titans are a bad team. Joe Flacco and the offense should be able to move the ball at will against them. The key on defense will be keeping Zach Mettenberger from getting into a rhythm passing the ball. Baltimore should be able to do that. Prediction: Ravens 27, Titans 10