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John Harbaugh Discusses Cornerbacks

Head Coach John Harbaugh met with the media following Friday's practice and discussed the Ravens' situation at cornerback.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

John Harbaugh met with the media on Friday, and as expected, much of the talk was about the cornerback position. Here's what Harbs had to say about the incredibly thin unit.

It's like Danny Gorrer never left

"[He] did a good job," Harbaugh said about Gorrer in practice all week. "He had familiarity. he understands the defense. he seems like he has been here all along as far as the mental part of it. He looks good physically, so he has done well."

Asa Jackson's returning this season?

Given the progress of his rehabilitation on his injured toe, Harbaugh envisions Jackson returning to the field at some point this season. Jackson was placed on Injured Reserve - Designated to Return and by rule, Jackson must sit out at least eight games.

"I don't see any surprises on that one," Harbaugh said answering a question on if he expects Jackson to return at some point. "I'm not anticipating any."

Harbaugh then joked about head certified athletic trainer Mark Smith and him being the bearer of bad news.

"Ever now and then, Mark will come up to me, and all of a sudden I fear when he comes walking around the corner: 'What do you want now? Stay away from me," he joked.

Jackson is eligible to return on December 7th against the Dolphins.

Tramain Jacobs Gets His Shot

Jacobs received praise from Harbaugh in his first week on the active roster.

"I think [he'll] do really well with getting the opportunity," Harbaugh said. "He has come up the hard way. he has had to overcome a lot to be where he's at, and he has practiced really hard and really well."

The Ravens often seek players with underdog stories so they're more appreciative for the moment and opportunity they've been granted by working hard. It has worked for the Ravens in the past and they'll really need to hope it works in the present with Jacobs because depth at corner is a serious issue.

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