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Ravens matchups to watch vs. the Titans

Things to look for during Sunday's game.

Gregory Shamus

Owen Daniels

Daniels has 44 receptions for 625 yards and five touchdowns in his career vs. the Titans. He could have a good game this Sunday.

Justin Forsett vs. Titans run defense

The Titans have allowed 494 yards after contact and have struggled in gap discipline all season. Forsett should have a day.

Joe Flacco

The Titans have no consistent pass rush and their corners struggle. Flacco should bounce back nicely.

Torrey Smith vs. Titans secondary

The Titans are the fith worst defense against the long pass, which is bad for them as Torrey Smith excels as a deep threat and Flacco has a cannon.

Ravens pass rush vs. Titans offensive line

I predict that the Titans will be passing a lot. They can't run, the Ravens are one of the best defenses vs. the run, they'll likely be playing from behind, and their offensive linemen have been penalized frequently, which leaves needing to gain more than 10 yards for a first down. The Ravens pass rush shouldn't struggle vs. a disappointing Titans front.

C.J. Mosley vs. Delanie Walker

Walker is the one the Titans target the most and is their leading receiver. Stopping him should frustrate the Titans offensively.