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Former Raven Arrested For Synthetic Marijuana Trafficking

Le'Ron McClain is wanted in Alabama for trafficking synthetic marijuana

LeRon McClain's Mugshot (Tuscaloosa County Sheriff)
LeRon McClain's Mugshot (Tuscaloosa County Sheriff)

For those lucky enough to live their dream in the NFL, most often their careers are short. Not only do they end up missing the game they love, they also miss the paychecks. The stories of former players going broke is all-too familiar, often forcing them to turn to other methods to supplement their income.

Former Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain decided to traffic synthetic marijuana, which now has him being sought by the Tuscaloosa (Alabama) Police Department. McClain played his high school and collegiate football in Tuscaloosa, and was drafted by the Ravens in the 4th round in the 2007 draft.

Per, McClain is being investigated for 122 grams, which is approximately a quarter-pound of the substance.

The substance often known on the streets as "spice" can give you the same effects as marijuana when smoked. The product had been previously sold in Alabama, but was made illegal in 2012.

McClain had originally avoided contact with the police while the substance was being tested. Per a report, agents told McClain to stay in Tuscaloosa pending the results of the test and once the test came back positive and officers were sent to McClain's mother's house to pick him up, the mother told police he had left the state.

Two hours after, McClain was found in Tuscaloosa and he was arrested. Currently, McClain is being held on a $500,000 bond.

McClain often loved tweeting about sweaters and some other things in what appeared to be his own made up language. Unfortunately for McClain, his #SweaterGang looks like they'll be replaced by guys in jumpsuits.

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