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Statement road wins scarce in 2014 NFL season

So far this season, not one AFC team has a quality road win.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Before pointing at Baltimore's road woes, and proceed to lose our minds, it is also necessary to assess the rest of the AFC's best teams and look at their road performances.

The Denver Broncs have played three road games, beating the dreadful Jets and losing to their tougher opponents — Seattle in overtime and New England this past week. This is the team many have said was the best in the NFL.

The New England Patriots have also played three road teams. They've beaten the E.J. Manuel-led bills and were handily defeated by both the Chiefs and the Dolphins.

The Indianapolis Colts took to the road four times, destroying the Jaguars and squeaking by the Texans, while losing to the Broncos and being lit up by the Steelers.

Now looking inside the division, the Pittsburgh Steelers have played four games with the Carolina Panthers being their outstanding win. The squeezed passed the Jaguars and were trounced by both the Browns and the Ravens.

The Cincinnati Bengals needed Chykie Brown to cover A.J. Green to get past the Ravens. In their other two road games, they were smashed by the Patriots and shut out by the Colts.

Ravens fans should not despair. If you're thinking about jumping ship and pronouncing the season dead, slow your roll. The Ravens have just been through the toughest part of their schedule. The rest of the AFC North, notably Cincinnati, still have games to play against each other. There's a lot of football left, and getting a statement win on the road, as shown, is a daunting task, and this year, has been near impossible.