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Baltimore Beatdown Power Rankings, Week 9: Ravens trip and slip, Big Ben's Steelers in the Top 5

The NFL [Knowledge is] Power Rankings Week 9 edition.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of heart went into these Power Rankings. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Stafford and Carson Palmer are the quarterbacks of this week's five strongest teams.

Yes. Carson Palmer is back.

1 – PATRIOTS (7-2) +1

The Pats halted the Broncos’ four-game winning streak in glorious fashion Sunday night. The game wasn’t competitive after the first quarter, no, and tight end Rob Gronkowski has the most impact on this offensive unit’s success. Keep him healthy. Defense is playing solid and Brandon Browner is living up to his expectations.

2 – BRONCOS (6-2) -1

They’ll learn from, and fix, mistakes before their Week 12 meeting with the red-hot Miami Dolphins. I’m sure he’s aware, but Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase needs to get Wes Welker (22 receptions) more involved in the passing game, and soon.


They went into Dallas, pummeled backup QB Brandon Weeden, stuffed DeMarco Murray for 79 rushing yards and are now your current Kings of the NFC. After taking a gander at their schedule, wins against San Diego, New York Giants and San Fran coupled with back-to-back victories against the Eagles and Cowboys – for me at least – takes the cake.

4 – LIONS (6-2) +1


5 - STEELERS (6-3) +9

Big Ben’s 12 passing touchdowns in two games is a testament to Offensive Coordinator’s Todd Haley’s preparation for the game. James Harrison is playing like a wild dog and has completely solidified their defense.

6 – COLTS (6-3) +4

Andrew Luck needs to legally change his name to Andrew Skill. This machine of a man tossed four touchdown passes to four different receivers Monday night. Three of them went for over 30 yards.

7 – PACKERS (5-3) +2


8 – BENGALS (5-2-1) +9

AJ Green is back. Jeremy Hill has proven he could run just as well as Giovani Bernard, so no big deal there if GB gets hurt. Cincy’s defense = not horrible.

9 – CHIEFS (5-3) +9

Jamaal Charles is finding his groove again and Alex Smith is always the efficient game manager he’s always been. Mr. Consistency.

10 – COWBOYS (6-3) -6

The team is nothing without Romo. His presence makes the defense play the pass. Unless you have Arizona’s defense, stopping Murray short of 100 yards won’t be easy.

11 – EAGLES (6-2) -4

Head Coach Chip Kelly has proven that he could turnaround a team of so-so’s to a squad of awesome’s. Despite owning an average-at-best talented roster, Philly keeps finding ways to win.

12 – SEAHAWKS (5-3) -1

This team is struggling to defend their champion status. Russell Wilson misses Percy Harvin, dearly, and barely beating the Raiders isn’t a good look for them.

13 – DOLPHINS (5-3) +2

Welcome to the Top 15. Ryan Tannehill’s newfound confidence is what this offensive unit needs to win more games in the second half of the season. Their defense shut out the Chargers.

14 – CHARGERS (5-4) -8

Didn’t play well last week. Let’s hope for the best. …

15 – RAVENS (5-4) -7

I jinxed them. Sorry. Get the ball to Steve Smith, Sr. and let him do the rest.

16 – BROWNS (5-3) -1

Close game against the Bucs (beat them by five), Cleveland should find ways to get their running attack back on track. Joe Haden needs to start playing like he’s worth every penny the Browns are paying him.

17 – BILLS (5-3) EVEN


18 – SAINTS (4-4) +1

Newfound run attack. Coming off consecutive wins, one away and one at home. New Orleans makes the playoffs.

19 – 49ERS (4-4) -6

Unfortunate loss to the Rams. Could’ve been prevented by handing the ball off to Frank Gore. This team needs to get N’Sync like the band from the 90s.

20 – TEXANS (4-5) -8

I apologize for all the times I put them in the Top 15. Never again. I don’t know what I was thinking. I had a lot of hope in Arian Foster.

21 – BEARS (3-5) +2

Bye. Jay Cutler gets his head on right. … #crossyourfingers

22 – PANTHERS (3-5-1) -1

These cats are hopeless, their offense needs to get something going.

Luke Kuechly can’t do … it all.

23 – VIKINGS (4-5) +5

Teddy Bridgewater is developing as a QB. Hand the ball off to running back Matt Asiata from the five-yard line and the TD is automatic. TB has to get them there first.

24 – RAMS (3-5) EVEN

They set up the defense perfectly to stop Colin Kaepernick from running a QB sneak to win the game. Eight sacks? I love this defense.

25 – GIANTS (3-5) -3

Odell Beckham is the only Giants receiver who can catch the ball. Period. Randle and Parker had multiple drops.

26 – REDSKINS (3-6) EVEN

Strong talent but they need find themselves. Until Robert Griffin III (or anybody at that), becomes a consistent signal caller, Washington will suffer the consequences.

27 – FALCONS (2-6) -2

Proven fact: elite offensive talent is not enough. Defense, #whereyouat?!

28 – TITANS (2-6) -1

Titans need to Titan up their quarterback situation. Rookie Zach Mettenberger, stop taking selfies and focus more on your game, son!

29 – JETS (1-8) EVEN

They’ve already lost the same number of games they lost in 2013. A win is coming, courtesy of Percy Harvin, eventually.


Double sigh.

31 – JAGUARS (1-8) EVEN

If the Jags punch a postseason ticket I will bungee jump off the Empire State Building while eating a hot-dog

32 – RAIDERS (0-8) EVEN

Still…#DyingToKnow when they’ll win their first game.