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Owen Daniels, Chris Canty fare well in returns to the football field

The Ravens got two solid performances from Owen Daniels and Chris Canty on Sunday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens saw defensive end Chris Canty and tight end Owen Daniels return to the field on Sunday, with both players coming out of the game OK and experiencing zero setbacks.

Canty had a staph infection in his wrist, which caused him to miss four consecutive games. Daniels had a minor knee procedure done which only sidelined him for one week. Canty finished Sunday's game with four tackles and half of a sack. He seemed to be getting consistent pressure up front, more so in the first half. He shared his sack with safety Matt Elam.

Daniels was the chain-mover the Ravens missed a week prior in a loss to the Bengals. He finished with six catches for 53 yards. For both sides of the ball, the Ravens benefited with both players being able to return. And the better news for the team is that there didn't appear to be any setbacks following the game.

"For Owen to pop in there like that and play the way he did was encouraging," coach John Harbaugh said at his press conference on Monday. "He's a tough guy, and Chris Canty [did] the same thing. He really only had been moving ... He wasn't in the greatest shape. He couldn't do anything until this week, and he played 30-plus snaps and he was fine. He played really well.

"That's a big plus for us. We have a lot of pluses. It's not like we're sitting here without good players. Every team has weaknesses. Every team has things that they have to scheme around and play around. We'll figure out how to do that. We just have to figure out how to win one game at a time, and that's where we're at. It's going to be that way for the rest of the season, and we can do it. We're capable of doing it."