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Ravens-Chargers final score: San Diego rallies to win 34-33

The Ravens defense couldn't stop San Diego in the second half to defeat Baltimore.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Justin Tucker almost had a chance to be the hero once again.


Instead, with nine seconds left, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco found receiver Kamar Aiken on a perfectly timed out-route near Tucker's range. As Aiken hauled in the completion, he was tackled by Chargers cornerback Brandon Flowers just inches away from the out-of-bounds line. Four seconds, three, two and one rolled off the clock. And with that last play, the Chargers earned a 34-33 win against the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

It's hard to fault the offense that did just about whatever it wanted for most of the game against a pretty good Chargers defense. The defense was a huge letdown — specifically the secondary, which couldn't defend the Chargers wideouts whatsoever. The Ravens did just about everything to make up for the deficiencies in the back end with blitzes and pressure packages. But credit Philip Rivers, who completed 34 of 45 passes for 383 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

Rivers got the ball out quick on most plays, getting it to players running underneath routes or on the sideline in man coverage. For three quarters the Ravens were unable to stop tight end Antonio Gates, who had seven catches for 83 yards. Keenan Allen did the most damage, going for 11 receptions, 121 yards and two touchdowns.

The saving grace for the Ravens is that both the Steelers and Browns lost Sunday afternoon. The Bengals, however, held on to a 14-13 win over the Buccaneers.

This game was Baltimore's to win, though. It definitely stings the way it was lost. Excellent games from Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett and Torrey Smith went for nothing. It's tough to score 33 in an NFL game and lose. It's not something that happens often.