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Baltimore Beatdown's Ravens-Chargers predictions

Here's what we think will happen today.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Rocky Friedman: This won't be one of those high-scoring types of games. With two stingy defenses in the Chargers and the Ravens, this game should be more to the dirty side. Expect fights, turnovers and many battles. But in the end, I think that Joe Flacco comes up with a couple of huge drives late in the game to give the Ravens a big victory at home. Prediction: Ravens 20, Chargers 10

Chuck Mills: The Ravens pass rush abuses a patchwork Chargers offensive line and Justin Forsett breaks the 1,000 yard mark. Joe Flacco hits Torrey Smith for a touchdown. The Chargers don't threaten at all. Prediction: Ravens 27 Chargers 10

Matthew Stevens: Since my being wrong every week streak continued last week, I'm staying with it. Ultimately the Chargers have a hurt offensive line and I don't trust Ryan Matthews. But the Chargers can throw the ball if they get into a rhythm and the Ravens secondary will have a tough matchup. The likely difference in this game comes down to turnovers and the ravens milking the clock through the running game. Prediction: Chargers 20, Ravens 17

Brian Malan: The Chargers don't lose on East Coast. The Chargers don't lose to Baltimore. The Chargers don't lose 1 p.m. games. Prediction: Chargers 41, Ravens 17

Daniel Park: The St. Louis Rams sacked Phil Rivers thrice last Sunday, which should provide enough video footage for Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees to piggyback off. The Ravens defensive ends will attack San Diego's fatigued offensive line, causing problems in the backfield for Ryan Matthews and preventing him to register another 100-plus yard performance. Prediction: Ravens 30, Chargers 21

Jason Butt: Ryan Mathews should have a tough time running the ball against the Ravens' stout front seven. So it will be on that same unit to get after Philip Rivers and the secondary to limit big plays through the air. This game could be a low-scoring, defensive game. Prediction: Ravens 17, Chargers 14