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Ravens matchups to watch for vs. the Chargers

Crucial matchups for Sunday's game.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens pass rush vs. Chargers offensive line

The Chargers possess the 27th-ranked rushing attack in the NFL, which makes the task of running vs. the Ravens even harder. The Ravens pass rush should be able to get to Rivers through his patchwork offensive line.

Justin Forsett vs. Chargers run defense

The Chargers have a mediocre run defense, and Forsett taking advantage of it should be able to set up the passing game.

Joe Flacco and Ravens receivers

The Chargers defense allowed Ryan Tannehill to throw three touchdowns at Miami it allowed Derek Carr and Peyton Manning to have good games outside of Qualcomm Stadium. There is a possibility that the Chargers passing defense might continue it's trend of crumbling at visiting stadiums on Sunday.

Will Hill vs. Antonio Gates

Hill did an excellent job covering Jimmy Graham, so it's reasonable to expect him to cover Gates during Sunday's game. Gates has been trending downward, while Hill has been trending upward, so this should go well for the Ravens.