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Steve Smith, Kenny Vaccaro get in fight during Ravens-Saints game

Smith does not seem to like Vaccaro much.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

There's clearly some bad blood between Ravens receiver Steve Smith and Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro.

The two got into a heated fight momentarily following a catch from the veteran Smith in the third quarter. Vaccaro apparently didn't like the fact that Smith stiff-armed his head into the turf. Vaccaro appeared to swing at Smith, with Smith exchanging a blow right back. Then Smith charged at him like an angry bull and the benches had to separate the players.

The video:

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The vine:

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Funny enough, Vaccaro drew the 15-yard penalty and Smith was let off the hook by the officials. He'll likely receive a FedEx with a fine from the league, one he probably won't care too much about.

Smith has been more than a perfect fit in Baltimore. He'll easily continue being a fan favorite with moments like that.